PG 3: Football teams PG 3: Football teams Under Eleven football team 1948 Mizzen Maj,Hosgood, Osborn, Abbott, Westmorland, Barmby, Thomas, Noble, Potts, Forbes, Varcoe, Reid maj. Contributed by Tony Potts 48694124 1st XII Football (1) - 1955 156754889 1st XII Football (2) - 1956 156754900 2nd XII Football (3) - 1956 156754898 1st XII Football team 1957 Contributed by S.Horner 94268308 Colts Football XII 1957 Contributed by L.Rouse, Handcross park archive 157382927 1st XII Football (5) - 1958 156754868 1st XII Football team 1960 Contributed by T.McMeeken 92124134 1st XII Football 1963 L to R, Back Row : Reid, ?, Forbes, Watling, ?, Hall. L to R, Front Row : Jamieson, Milburn, Farquason (Capt), Carey, Stevens. Contributed by J.Edwards 59058039 Colts Football XI 1965 From top right:- S.Cearns, D.Stone, S.Le Valliant, M.Lewes, M Bishop, A. Overbury. Bottom right:- J Richford, M. Aveline, A Dent, A Parker, M Duckworth. Contributed by N.Aveline 81083928 Colts Football XI 1966 From top right:- N Norman? M Bishop, C Matthews, D Davis? J Crichton, A Overbury. Bottom right:- P Currie, K Oag, M Aveline, D Stone, J Carrick-Smith. Contributed by N.Aveline 81083929 1st XII Football 1967 From top right:- G Ghani, J Crichton, M Lewis, J Richford, N Aveline, D Stone. Bottom right:- R Oag, M Aveline, A Dent, M Duckworth, A Parker. Contributed by N. Aveline 81083925