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Posted by newells on November 14, 2012 at 1:10 AM

From Webmaster. Wednesday, 14th November 2012.

I have recently been in contact with the owner of Newells - Mr Roy Goddard,.

I attach his latest E mail, which no doubt will be of interest to the members of the site.

Any information regarding the two Wells that he is trying to find will be welcome. Just send your ideas to me and I will forward them to him. I seem to vaguely remember that there was a water source in the kitchen gardens, but was it a Well ?

Mr. Goddard has very kindly forwarded two photos of the house and gardens which I have added to the photo gallery in the PG1 Section.


I saw the post and the picture of the fallen beech. It wasn’t a storm that blew it down, just old age. The night it happened was quite still, we heard this almighty thud. Next morning taking the dogs for a walk we realised what had happened. At the time the tree was in full leaf and unbalanced, the trunk was rotten and the sheer weight on one side caused it to topple. It was estimated to be over 400 years old by several tree surgeons after my son in law posted pictures on the internet.

Sadly in our garden we have lost a very large Cedar of Lebanon and a big pine to lightening strikes. One of the other very old trees was also struck by lightning but has survived even though a big branch was blown out at the top and the trunk split. I have had tree surgeons brace it up with ratchet straps used to hold down loads on lorries.

Many of the old oaks, beeches and cherries that you remember in the woods below the property (Newells Rough, classified as ‘ancient woodlands’;) were blown down in the ‘97 and ‘81 storms. Although replanted with small hardwoods by the Forestry Commission after a major clean up, they were not managed and rhododendrons and birch took over and it is like a jungle down there now. The upside is the wild life that now live there!

Over the years, but not recently, I have had several ‘old boys’ with their siblings visit to view the site, but there is very little left to see that reminds them of the school and its grounds

The site, after the fire, was acquired by an architect who broke it up and sold parts of the estate to finance the building of what is now my home, Newells. He bulldozed the old building and removed rubble filling in the vaults and cellars from the old building in the process. The swimming pool in the field above the property had holes punched in the bottom at the time and has been left for nature to take over. I would welcome any information as to location of the 2 wells that I was informed existed in the ‘olden days’ near the old house.



Saturday -  12.07.2014

I have just received this from Daniel Harewood which will no doubt throw some light onto the whereabouts of at least one of the wells.

I've visited your Newells School website a few times now because for the first twenty years of my life I grew up in the old theatre building after it had been converted into what became known as Woodland Cottage. I am very grateful to you for providing a glimpse into the past of where I spent a very happy childhood, walking dogs past your old pool and wondering who built the tree houses. My mother only recently told me that when they moved in in 1974 (my parents were the first occupants after it had been converted and I was born a year later), there were still some old theatre light fixtures in the beams in the loft. I spent many long days playing in the woods and loved the wildlife and was devasted when the storm of 1987 blew down so many trees, although I did sleep through it!.
I live in London now but I pop by once a year for a walk to remind myself of a very rural and happy upbringing.
I'm not sure when Roy (the owner of Newells) wrote to you but please feel free to pass on my email as I certainly know where one of the wells is and would be more than happy to let him know when I'm next down to show him.
And if they're of interest, do let me know if you'd like any pictures of my old home and garden and i'll have a rummage to see what I can find, although it may take a while as I don't have a scanner and am not the most technically-minded of people.
I hope Norway is treating you well. There is a hotchpotch of Scandinavian heritage in our family so I've been to the region many times over the years.
Thank you very much again.

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