PG 10 : Portraits PG 10 : Portraits Captain & Mrs Peter Hope-Lang Contributed by Gaskell 157459678 Dr Colin Mansfield Colin was a teacher at Newells from 1947-1949. He taught Maths, English, History and Geography. He started the Newells Boy Scout/Cub troop. He had been called up for war service at the age of 18 and was involved in combined operations in the Adriatic and the invasion of Italy. He left Newells and became a Doctor after training at the Middlesex medical school. He died in 2002. Thank you to his son David who provided this fine portrait and the above information. 206240361 Miss Brack & Chips the dog (1947) Miss Brack taught the first form pupils. She started at Endsleigh and made the move to Newells. She later married another teacher at Newells and became Mrs Dauncey. 206242835 John Roger Chapple Contributed by R H Chapple 154690447 Robin Howard Chapple Contributed by R H Chapple 154690446 Chris Blakeway - Head Boy - December 1967 I recently had to return to the UK from Australia to clear and sell my parents home following my Father's death in June 2014. I found a number of old school photos in a trunk in a corner of the barn. 195310265 Michael Osgood - 1947 Michael Osgood sadly lost his life in the Comet jet airline crash in the Mediterranean (1953 ?). He was returning to school from holidaying with his parents, who lived abroad. Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield. Staff member 1947 - 1949 206242834 David Cremin (?) In Cubs uniform. The cub troop was run by Miss Brack. Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242837 David Cremin (?) Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242841 Michael Williams ( 1947) (?) Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242836 Michael Williams (1947) (?) Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242840 Keith Hope-Lang (1947) Keith was the Headmaster's son. Note the pistol ! Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242838 Keith Hope-Lang Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206242839 1947 at Newells From Left to Right : Abbott,Mizzen Maj,Osgood,Simpson, White and Trewe (at the back),Rowell next to Simpson and in front of me(Tony Potts), next to me Arnold. Photo by Mr Colin Mansfield 206243893 The Headmaster and I Peter Hope-Lang & David Birt in 1956 60564212 Brighton - T. McMeeken and R Aldridge. Contributed by T McMeeken 92124135 Betts, T.McMeeken,B,Osborne Contributed by T.McMeeken 92124130 Boys from Brazil Contributed by T McMeeken 92124131 Mr Avery & boys Contributed by T McMeeken 92124133 Charlie and me (Gaskell) Outside the theatre. 80768792 Group - Winter 1947 L - R : Reid Min, ?, Reid Maj,Haydon,Weir,Winterton,Davies Maj,Forbes, Potts (Hidden),Barmby,Bescoby,Carlton, Davies Min. Contributed by Hugh Weir 51689960 Group on the terrace steps ( Poor Quality) L - R : Mizzen Minor, Fitzroy, ? , Forbes Contributed by Hugh Weir 51691196 Hugh Weir - 1948 157520185 Tony Potts - Brighton 1949 157519505 Newells Group. (Poor quality) L-R : Dench,Carlton, Mr Lang,Winterton,Haydon,Fitzroy,Weir,Savage,Potts,Forbes,Varcoe,Noble,Reid maj. Contributed by Hugh Weir 51689961 David Birt This is me today (2009) 60564211 Tony Potts - 2009 Me and an old friend 75753889