Newells Preparatory School

 Extracts from some news letters, Class lists and Notes for parents for the period 1947 to 1968.

Old Boy News


 Many thanks to Peter Ede for supplying the source documents and to Steve Horner for forwarding them to me.

Here are the Class lists for the last term at Seafield Park ,Endsleigh - Summer 1946. The next term , Autumn 1946, the school had moved to Newells , Lower Beeding and changed the name to Newells.  (List provided by Sam Smart , Steve Horner & J.Goodwin) 

VI : C.D.Allen, C.S.Argles, A.W.W.Baldwin, B.D.Bert, A.M.Birt, J.N.G.Brittan, C.B.R.Featherstonehaugh, G.A.Hovil, B.D.White, A.R.Whyte.

V : I.R.D.Browne, I.L.V.Joste, B.W.Melnourne, J.M.Mulford, E.J.Parker-Williams, D.H.G.Selwood, M.B.Small, J.H.R.Terry, M.J.Tonkin, J.D.Truman.

IV : R.A.Brickwood, P.J.Featherstonehaugh, A.W.Fitzroy, C.S.Harper, J.G.H.Hogben, E.R.L.Jones, J.E.D.Lilly, P.E.J.McKinstry, I.D.C. Pearson,B.L.F.Seal, B.J.Ward.

III : F.F.Wilson, R.J.Atkinson, G.W.Carleton, D.B.Haydon, J.W.Noble, J.C.Nevill, W.Winterton, E.A.Terry, H.R.D.Crinks, G.W.Davies. 

II : C.J.T.Wright, W.D.Curry, C.R.Lilly, A.C.Bliss, I.A.Reid, E.G.C.Westmorland, R.S.Shier, A.R.Dench, A.G.Bescoby, M.J.Fowler.

I :  J.Barnby, R.Howson, M.Mizzen, N.Osborn, C.Parkinson, J.Pertwee, T.A.E.Potts, D.Ridley, T.Rowell. A.Simpson, J.Varcoe. 

Form lists & House points - Spring & Summer 1958

Many thanks to J .Goodwin for providing these lists